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The costume is comfortable and easy to make and I don’t have any tips to share either. So I’m just here to share the gazillion amount of photos taken in a bid to lessen the amount of photos that have seen their graves in my HDD.

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Don’t you just hate how you can take a few hundreds photos per shoot but only showcase 2% of it? So what happens to the rest of the 98%?! Starve and die in your HDD till the end of time!!!

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I don’t know about you but I can never get myself to delete the other photos away. So with every photoshoot, my HDD becomes 1- 2 Gigabytes smaller. Thank goodness memory space are cheap now.

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Check out Juliana’s awesome Photoshop skills Open-mouthed smile
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The shoot was held at a popular local landmark and there were heaps of people everywhere. Trying to get an empty background was definitely not an easy task.
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Singaporeans who don’t know this place should be ashamed of yourself! Stop reading this post now and go explore your country!

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Multitudes of test shots where I relish in expressing myself Open-mouthed smile Collage made with Picasa and some slight touchup done to prevent my eyebags from scaring you. Yes, IKR, the last 2 pictures are so manly. The ladies love me
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I’m sitting in the shadow of Juliana’s Light Shade. My eyes couldn’t take the full glory of our cardinal Sun so you guys will just have to deal with the awkward shadow. Yes, my wig is really messy =(
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Really liked this picture even though its too blur =( The kite is real by the way. Great timing yeah xD?
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My fringe and face spoilt everything but I like how Juliana posed me ;D
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This is narcisstic, I’m finding it hard to justify this post…. -_-

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Oh well, High 5 !
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One thing I realize after this Photoshoot which I seriously ought to have realised long ago. But you know what they say about a picture speaking a 1000 words. And I guess having photographic proof speaks louder than any theories.

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I realize If you don’t want to have to post-process your photographs, then make sure you and your photographer set up the light well!
The only reason why these photos are presentable without Photoshop is because Juliana (photographer) set up an awesome Light stand to illuminate my face. And we took effort to make sure my face is getting as much light as it could by facing the right angle or have a reflector to fill the light in.

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Kyoko’s not happy she has to mop the floors again

If you and your photographer can’t afford a reflector, fret not! Just find some big white material (Vanguard sheet, styrofoam) and they can do the trick too!

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Kyoko the Saikang Warrior 
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Hold the lights!
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The long wait for Ren to be done with his interview…
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Abruptly ending my overly long and nauseating entry here because I’m really sleepy. I’m sorry I got too photo happy and hope I didn’t kill your bandwidth with my nonsense photographs.

You can tell I enjoy having fun and living the character when I’m cosplaying. Even though I admit, half of the pictures are me with a silly face but ….. you know you love Kyoko 😀 yea yea?

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Pink Panther Kyoko